Lavish Lash™ Eyelash Serum
Lavish Lash™ Eyelash Serum
Lavish Lash™ Eyelash Serum

Lavish Lash™ Eyelash Serum

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Instead of monthly lash extensions or false lashes that break the bank and might cause allergy reactions, women are now opting to grow out their lashes. 

Lavish Lash™ Eyelash Serum is an award-winning lash serum that promotes longer and thicker lashes in 2 weeks.

Key features:

Longer and thicker lashes

Increases lash volume

Conditions eyelashes

Also works on brow growth


The ingredients in Lavish Lash™  stands out for their effectiveness. It contains a targeted combination of natural ingredients including castor oil, argan oil, biotin and bamboo extract. 

🌿100% natural

🌿Vegan, organic



1. Remove eye make up.

2. Swipe serum along upper and lower lashline (like eyeliner!) and directly onto the roots of brow hairs. (Coating the length of lashes is optional.)

3. Let it work its magic overnight, and keep consistent daily! 

Testers have reported seeing a difference in an average of 2 weeks and full results in 6-8 weeks.